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Course enrollment and accessing content on NCERTX

After making successful payment of course fee, wait for the course 'invitaion' email from ncertx.

Check your email inbox-

  1. Those who have already registered at, will receive an email similar to the one shown below:

Note: If you have registered at but not yet activated your account, follow step 1.b. and activate it first

                         a. If account is activated, click on the link (shown by red arrow in the below image)

                         b. To activate your account at, check your email and click on the link as shown below.

                         c. You will see the following screen. Now sign in using your email id and password to access the course.

Note: Course content will only be accessible from course start date.

  1. Those who have not yet registered on, will receive an email similar to one shown below:

                         a. Click on the link (shown by red arrow) and the following screen will appear.

                         b. Fill all the details, click on checkbox 'I agree…' and click on 'Create your account'

                         c. An activation link will be sent to the mentioned email ID. Go to your email and click on the link sent

                         d. Once you click on the link in your email, your account will get activated. Now click on 'dashboard' and access the course

Note: Course content will only be accessible from course start date.

  1. Click on the 'Course' tab to access the course as shown below.

          On left side pane, there are 6 sections (first and last ones are Warm-up Quiz and Final Exam respectively, and the remaining

         4 are course modules).

          Click on them to access the modules under each category.

          Note: Content of a module will be visible after it is open on a weekly basis.

Accessing other tabs

Home Tab

Every time you view the course you are enrolled in, you land on Home tab. This tab contains 'Course Updates and News' and 'Course Handouts' about the course. You need to look at Home tab regularly for important announcements and updates about the course.

Discussion Tab

Participants can discuss about their queries and ideas in the discussion forum. A discussion related to a particular module can be started in that module. Participants can read or write reviews (topic wise) and give feedback about the course content also.

Note: Kindly read Forum Guidelines carefully before posting/commenting in Discussion forum.

Progress Tab

This tab reflects the marks scored by the learner in End of module exams (40 Midterms) and the Final Exam (1 Final) in bar-graph representation. After giving a times exam, the learner can view his/her progress in the Progress tab.

Calendar Tab

By clicking on the Calendar tab, you can see the release date of each module as well as their exam start and end date (due date).

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